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In this introductory episode to The Women Leaders School Podcast, Cristin explains who this show is for, what will be covered, why it’s important, and how we’ll roll together.

Episode Highlights

  • the two types of women leaders this show addresses
  • where the questions that Cristin answers come from
  • some of the values we operate under, which you can see more here

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Hello and welcome, I’m Cristin Downs, and this is the introductory episode of the Women Leaders School Podcast.

I thought I’d tell you a bit about what I’m going to cover here, a bit about my other projects, and a bit about me so you can decide if this podcast is a good fit for you or not.

This podcast is for women leaders who are looking to remake the world. I fundamentally believe that we bring about that change in 2 ways: 1) We get a seat at the table and we remake organizations from the inside, and 2) We build our own tables and we disrupt entire systems.

To do this work requires recognition in the ways that white supremacy, misogyny, classism, and capitalism perpetuate themselves through us. It requires intense self reflection, and when we do not do that work, we are either completely unsuccessful at lifting our idea up off the ground, and even worse, we recreate the systems that we are trying to flee. We then do the harm that has been done to us to others. As Audre Lorde said, you cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools.

I believe normal wasn’t working, isn’t working, for anyone, and we get to choose what comes next. Together. We can remake the world. I believe that you are the catalyst that will disrupt the long held narrative, and I hope that you will join me as we forge a new path.

How did I personally get here? I had a relatively normal upbringing, but then through a stroke of luck, I went to an all women’s college. I thrived in an environment without men and truly developed my own unique understanding of the world. Then I went to grad school, and to be honest, it was a little sketch. Then out into the work world I went. I personally have worked over 40 jobs in my life. I started as a theatre freelancer who had to pick up additional gigs to survive – like bookkeeping and architectural lighting and quality and utilization management at a medical group, just to name a few. I’ve worked for corporate behemoths and tiny non-profits, and I’ve got what can be politely called opinions. Eventually I thought a 9 to 5 would bring me the sort of middle class life I had always anticipated for myself, and after an unpleasant series of those, I was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At my last attempt at 9 to 5 life, I gave birth to an adorable but exhausting tiny human, and my feminism moved from polite irritation with the status quo to revolutionary rage. I realized that no choice I ever made would be the right one because our society actually hates women. Working or not working, pumping or breast feeding or formula, nothing I did, nothing I was could ever be enough. I took my feelings of anger and launched a society and culture podcast called “The Notable Woman,” which you can listen to now. It starts from the core belief that although the world is always telling women they are “too” something – too fat, too thin, too emotional, too stoic, and a whole lot more – I believe that each woman is notable as she is, and we are allowed to exist, just as we are. Women are allowed to take up space. to breathe. to love to laugh to talk to yell to scream to curse to fuck and more. I have enjoyed that work and often find that women who listen have further questions. This podcast is designed to answer the many questions I get through my work with these women leaders.

I use a framework called Space to Create, which addresses your boundaries and increasing your capacity to do what you are called to do, your one of a kindness which makes you different than others, the systems that will allow you to thrive, and then the attention you need to get where you want to go. I do this work with women looking to get a seat at the table in existing organizations and those looking to build their own table and create their own organizations.

As for how this podcast will function, if you personally want to submit a question, email I will answer as many as I can. If I’ve already answered it, I’ll direct you to that episode.

I cuss like a sailor so this podcast will be explicit and not one for your small humans if you are not a colorful language person. The goal is that these episodes will always be in the 15 minute range, and they will be solo episodes with mmmmmeeeeee, just me, answering your questions. I’ve got 20 questions to start so I think we’ll be able to go for some time like this.

If you’re here and interested in being interviewed or having my community read your book, watch your film, or listen to your podcast, send me an email at

Like my accidental experience of arriving at an all women’s college, I also accidentally landed at a Black theatre in New York City which started my anti-racism journey. The universe has given me great gifts. I am actively doing the work to be anti racist and to center the most marginalized, but if I am ever an asshole, please email me at and let me know. I will fuck up, and I will thank you for letting me know.

I also want to take a moment to talk about women and men. A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. Gender is a societal construct. Biological sex is complicated, and I am not a scientist. I welcome anyone in our community who is a woman. And also, I often have men ask to join my community because they appreciate a women led space. That’s awesome, and I appreciate men who are rejecting toxic masculinity.

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I’ll catch you on the flip side. Bye for now.